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New boiler installation

Boilers that are over ten year’s old waste a lot of valuable energy.

Looking for cost efficient heating? You should be aware that current building regulations state that any replacement or new gas-fired boiler must be a condensing boiler. Older boilers convert as little as 60% of the fuel they use into heat which has a big impact on your home heating bills and the environment.

We specialise in the installation of condensing boilers and renewable energy products from Worcester and Buderus using the latest technology available. Modern condensing boilers improve efficiency to over 90% which could save you a minimum of 30% per year on your home heating bills, which represents a big saving over the lifetime of your boiler.

Depending on your heating and hot water demand there are different types of condensing boilers that are available, please follow the link for any questions you might have regarding the main boiler types. If you are considering replacing an old boiler please contact us for a no obligation estimate.

We know that a new boiler or full central heating system is a large investment. It is a false economy to fit a substandard boiler or to take short cuts with inadequate gas supply or by fitting to a dirty system. Fitting this way will at best lessen the efficiency of your boiler and at worst will cause repeated brake downs. We will ensure your new boiler is installed by using the most up to date modern practice. If necessary we will carry out a full Powerflush to your system; and fit a magna clean filter to protect the boiler and ensure years of trouble free heating.

System Cleansing

System Effects and Flushing Recommendations

Power flushing is the most effective method of cleansing a central heating system. A power flush is recommended as the optimum method of restoring system efficiency, particularly on an existing system. A power flush combined with an effective cleanser and administered correctly will remove up to 95% of system sludge and scale.

The benefits of system flushing are:

  • Improved system efficiency
  • Maintains boiler efficiency (1mm thickness of scale /
    sediment will reduce efficiency by approx. 10%)
  • Reduced fuel costs (boilers will consume up to 25%
    more fuel if system is unclean)
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced potential for boiler noise
  • Extends system life

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New boiler installation
New boiler installation
New boiler installation